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Association Of Flexeril And Weight Gain- About Muscle Relaxers

Is Flexeril Associated with Weight Gain?
Flexeril And Weight Gain : Short-term use
Does Flexeril cause weight gain?
Muscle relaxants
Carisoprodol and Flexeril
Do muscle relaxers cause Weight Gain

Flexeril or Cyclobenzaprine is an effective medication for treating the sudden onset of musculoskeletal problems. The question of Flexeril and weight gain when using muscle relaxers is discussed at length in this blog. 

Both Carisoprodol and flexeril are muscle relaxers that provide relief to patients with acute pain. The side effects of muscle relaxer are also discussed in this blog for a better understanding. 

Skeletal muscle relaxants are beneficial in treating pain in the muscles across our body. The dose details, the usage details, and side effects of the muscle relaxers are certain pointers that are discussed.

Flexeril And Weight Gain : Short-term use

There has been no adequate evidence of the effectiveness of long-term use of Flexeril. The muscle spasms that are associated with painful musculoskeletal problems occur only for a short duration of time. 

Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) is a necessary prescription for muscle spasms. The class of drugs it belongs to is Skeletal muscle relaxants. 

The working of Flexeril is enumerated below:

  1. Muscle hyperactivity is lowered by the action of nerve fibers connected with the skeletal muscles and those responsible for muscle contraction. 
  2. It acts primarily through the brain stem and not the spinal cord. It does not directly work on the skeletal muscles.  

Flexeril may be a short-term medicine, but its effects are long-lasting. It means that flexeril remains in our system long after the last dose is administered. 


The factors that determine how long this drug stays in one’s system are mentioned below:

  1. The individual’s age
  2. The individual’s body weight, and
  3. The hepatic function

Does Flexeril cause weight gain?

Muscle relaxants aid in alleviating pain in the muscles of our body. They are used in the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions.


The conditions that can produce muscle spasms are listed below:

  1. Motor neuron disease
  2. Cerebral palsy, and
  3. Long-term head trauma

Some medications are known to increase appetite and some medicines that cause weight gain. It is known that when one’s appetite increases, it may result in gaining weight. 

The body’s metabolism levels are also affected by some medicines that are taken. Calories are burnt at a lower rate as a result. 

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Muscle relaxants

Muscle relaxers are not available over the counter in countries like the US. On the contrary, there are otc medicines that are known for their pain-relieving quality. Flexeril is considered to be a prescription medication. 

Skeletal muscle relaxants are provided for acute pain more than for chronic pain. The meaning of acute pain here refers to pain that persists for less than three months. Acute pain surfaces when an injury has occurred. 

Muscle spasm is a condition wherein one or more muscles of our body contract and twitches out of control. The best treatment for muscle spasms is a prescription of muscle relaxants.  


The common side effects that have been documented when one intakes muscle relaxants are:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Fatigue 
  3. Decreased blood pressure
  4. Headaches
  5. Irritability, and
  6. Dry mouth

There are certain precautions and warnings that one must follow when on the course of these medications. One must avoid the intake of alcohol when on muscle relaxants and not undertake heavy-duty work.

Carisoprodol and Flexeril

Cyclobenzaprine and Soma are both skeletal muscle relaxants that are used for short periods. They treat muscular pain and other associated pains as well. 


Flexeril is recommended along with physical therapy and rest for the best effects on our health. Acute skeletal conditions like muscle spasms are cured with this drug. This medication is not effective when there is a nerve problem. 


The mechanism of action of Soma is not properly known. There isn’t much information regarding the mechanism of action of the Carisoprodol drug. It is thought to alter communication among nerves in those parts of the brain that controls the pain sensations. 


The recommended dosage of flexeril is 5-10mg three times daily. This is for the immediate-release tablets. The advised dosage for carisoprodol is 250-350mg three times daily. 


The treatment duration for carisoprodol is anywhere between two to three weeks. The usage of this medication is gradually stopped to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Another thing that one should know about this drug is that it is addictive. 


Flexeril is only used during pregnancy if the doctor has deemed its use. It is also safe to consult the doctor when it comes to breastfeeding and the intake of this medication. It is better to be cautious as some of the medicine can mix into breast milk. 

Do muscle relaxers cause weight gain?

The ailments of the back and other parts of the body that involve our muscles are treated with the help of muscle relaxants. It is found that muscle relaxers do not directly contribute to weight gain or loss. 


It means that there is an indirect effect of these kinds of medications on weight. One of the reasons for weight gain is seen in the form of reduced activity. Healing from an injury requires a dedicated period of rest. 


During this rest period, there is little to no activity. As a result of this, there can be a significant increase in weight. 


When muscle relaxers are taken for longer durations, one may notice an increase in body mass. There is a loss of activity and less physical movement, which indirectly results in weight gain.  


Weight gain or loss usually depends on individual to individual. The body structure of every individual is different, and the functioning also varies. The effects of the muscle relaxants would also vary from person to person. 


It is necessary to keep a close eye on the fluctuations in the weight of an individual when on a treatment course of skeletal muscle relaxants.


There is an indirect weight gain associated with the use of Flexeril. There is little information available regarding this topic, but it is something that is a part of experiential knowledge. 


Muscle relaxers usually provide a relieving effect on the muscles in our body. 

Carisoprodol and flexeril are two musculoskeletal muscle relaxants that are effective. The doctor provides the dosage and usage instructions to the patients who require them.