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carisoma compound tablet

Carisoma is another name for soma or Carisoprodol. Carisoma compound tablet is a fusion of three medicines: caffeine, paracetamol, and Carisoprodol. 

Treating muscle pain is the major function of muscle relaxants. There are used at an alarmingly fast rate for curing muscle spasms and tension. It is an approved medication that tackles the umbrella of musculoskeletal pain.

Muscle relaxer is a staple for acute pain and not so much for chronic pain. They have short-term effects on our muscles. Spine-related issues cause involuntary muscle contractions that are painful.

Usage of Carisoma compound tablet

The specific use of this tablet is for managing pain brought on by a muscle spasm. It ensures the swifter movement of muscles in the body. Relaxation is the result of this medicine. Discomfort, uneasiness, and pain are all synonyms and the reasons why this treatment is conducted. 

The manufacturer of this medication is Wallace Pharma. It is helpful in the diagnosis of apnea in premature newborns, colds, and ear pain. The nerves in our body are relaxed, and this message is delivered to the brain.


Whiplash is a neck injury characterized by the forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, similar to the cracking of a whip. The trauma of a car accident can bring on this injury. Carisoprodol is one of the many drugs that provide relief. 


Carisoprodol present in this medicine acts centrally and provides relaxation to the muscular system. The paracetamol compound is a pain reliever that slows down or prevents the enzyme function in our brains. Thus, it helps treat fever and pain. 


Caffeine affects the CNS and is a stimulant. The agency of operation of this drug is not known and needs more research. The effect of this medication could be because of the presence of primary metabolite and meprobamate.

Side effects of Carisoma Compound Tablet


The side effects of consuming carisoma 350 are mentioned in this blog. The physician provides solutions and ways to reduce and prevent these side effects. Carisoma Compound is a muscle relaxant and is utilized for ultimate satisfaction and pain relief. 

A list of side effects is given below:

  • Increase in heart rate
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Restlessness
  • Allergic reactions, and 
  • Acute renal tubular necrosis

These side effects are not exhaustive. If the medicine is used for longer, it may result in more adverse side effects. One should take care that the side effects do not increase in intensity and find ways to improve the immune system. 


Huge benefits are found in carisoma for curing pain symptoms. The benefit of prescribing medicines is that it cures illness. The major benefits were for Migraine, Fever, Respiratory distress syndrome, and muscle spasms. 

The other benefits of this medication are given below:

  1. Dengue fever
  2. Leg cramps during pregnancy
  3. Wrist pain
  4. Hand pain
  5. Slip disc
  6. Sprain, and
  7. Toothache

These are some of the benefits of this tablet, and more conditions are cured using this medicine.


The dosage of carisoma medicine depends on several factors:


  • Gender
  • Medical history
  • Age, and
  • The route of administration


The dosage for muscle spasms is available for adults and old people. The recommended dose duration for both parties is three weeks. A 350mg dose is the advised dose for skeletal muscle spasms. 


Carisoma tablet is taken three times a day and can be taken after food. Medicines are sometimes taken with or without food for better absorption. The flipside to taking medications on an empty stomach is the occurrence of stomach upset. 


The doctor is the authority for all things related to medicines. Increasing the dose per the severity of the condition, stopping the dosage, and side effects that surface as a result of intake of drugs go through the doctor’s office. 


The intense side effects warrant a call to the physician. The side effects like drowsiness, headache, and increased heartbeat persist for a limited time. If the time increases, then consult the physician. 


Carisoprodol course should not be mixed with alcohol and other drugs. Speaking to the doctor about the same is vital and gives a sense of what is permitted when having this medicine. Carisoma 350 affects the vision and is therefore unsafe when driving. 


One should be alert when driving and this medication causes drowsiness. The same applies when operating heavy machines. The doctor is alerted if the patient consumes alcohol or any other medication. 


Individuals who have a long-standing illness suffer for half their life. Kidney disorders and lung diseases require immediate attention and should not be treated with soma. Doctor’s advice is gospel and they may suggest other medicines in this place.

Carisoma compound during pregnancy and breastfeeding

There is limited research surrounding pregnancy and breastfeeding. The little research and data captured state that it is safe to consume carisoma compound tablet. 


There is no significant risk posed to the baby when one takes soma. Monitoring the progress that medicines have on our health is part of the process of getting better. Pregnancy is when one has to exercise extreme caution because there are two lives to consider. 


The doctor advises pregnant women about the benefits and risks of taking this tablet. A safer alternative is suggested based on the clinical condition of the woman. It can be avoided. 


The newborn is monitored for any undesirable effects of the mother taking a carisoma compound tablet. If the infant experiences excessive sleepiness, it is a cause for concern. 


The patient must inform the doctor if one is planning to conceive or planning to breastfeed the child. There is a possibility that may pass into breast milk and cause drowsiness.


Musculoskeletal problems are solved with the help of a good muscle relaxant. The online price of a carisoprodol tablet is displayed on several websites. These medications are known for treating muscle pain. 


The usage of the correct pain reliever is vital for better functioning and gradually improves the quality of life. Painkillers help manage pain and dig into the root of the condition. 


Carisoma medicine is among the assortment of pain relief medicines available for public use. The wise use of carisoprodol is essential so that it does not become a habit, finally leading to addiction and treatment of the said addiction.