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Flexeril Vs Zanaflex: Powerful Facts To Know About Them

Flexeril vs Zanaflex Comparison
Muscle relaxants : Flexeril vs Zanaflex
Drug Interactions: flexeril vs zanaflex
CYP1A2 enzyme
Zanaflex vs flexeril for fibromyalgia

Flexeril vs Zanaflex : Which is strongest Muscle Relaxant?

One needs to understand the meaning of muscle relaxants first before proceeding to understand this topic. It is found that skeletal muscle relaxants are an important part of treatment for two conditions- local musculoskeletal spasms and spasticity. Flexeril vs Zanaflex is the topic of discussion in this blog. 

Peripheral musculoskeletal conditions like mechanical lower back pain cause muscle spasms to occur. Painful musculoskeletal conditions are treated and managed by the use of skeletal muscle relaxers. 

Muscle relaxers are usually prescribed for a short treatment course. It is not a long-term solution for treating all muscle- related disorders. A survey conducted shows that some medications like Carisoprodol, Cyclobenzaprine(flexeril), and Metaxalone were prescribed more than 45% of the time. 

This clearly shows that people and doctors preferred the use of the above-mentioned drugs to relieve muscle pain.  

Drug interactions: Flexeril Vs Zanaflex

Flexeril and Zanaflex treat painful musculoskeletal conditions. They are useful in curing muscle spasms of any degree. Both flexeril and Zanaflex are considered to be effective drugs. 

Cyclobenzaprine is known to magnify the effects of CNS depressants and alcohol. The drug category, MO inhibitors include the following:

  1. Safinamide
  2. Metaxalone
  3. Linezolid, and 
  4. Methylene blue

These medications should be avoided when on the treatment path. In fact, one should not take them for two weeks before the treatment. The best medicine for back pain is flexeril. Drug interactions are not necessarily detrimental to one’s health. 

A doctor’s consultation is advised when suffering from a condition, however mild. The decision on what medication to be prescribed for what condition is taken only after an exam. The correct medicine will work wonders and prevent further discomfort. 

Zanaflex is known to interact with the below medications:

  1. Baclofen
  2. Oxycodone
  3. Tramadol
  4. Xanax, and 
  5. Topamax

The risk of the drug interaction outweighs the benefits and this is true for the ‘Major’ interaction category. Flexeril V.s Zanaflex is a relevant point of discussion here. Another point to be considered is an absence of an interaction does not mean there isn’t one. 

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CYP1A2 enzyme

The main function of the CYP1A2 enzyme is to metabolize antipsychotic medications. Zanaflex is a medication that is metabolized by the CYP1A2 enzyme.  


The enzyme CYP1A2 belongs to the cytochrome P450 superfamily. The monooxygenases known as cytochrome P450 proteins catalyze a variety of chemical processes involved in drug metabolism as well as the creation of steroid hormones, cholesterol, and other lipids.


Major studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of the CYP1A2 enzyme. 


It is a prescription medication for curing symptoms of muscle spasticity that come with major disorders like Cerebral palsy and Multiple sclerosis. The most common side effects of Zanaflex are listed below:

  1. Drowsiness
  2. Dizziness
  3. Lightheadedness
  4. Constipation
  5. Headaches, and 
  6. Dry mouth

The consumption of Zanaflex is associated with low blood pressure. When someone has low blood pressure, one is more prone to symptoms like fainting. A sign of good health is maintaining steady blood pressure. 

There is also a possibility that one suffers liver injury if one takes doses of Zanaflex. The above two are the warnings that come attached to the intake of this medicine. The nerve activity in the spinal cord that has control over the muscles is reduced by the use of Zanaflex. 

Zanaflex vs flexeril for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain along with sleep, memory, fatigue, and mood issues. According to several researchers, fibromyalgia amends how the brain and spinal cord receive painful and non painful impulses, amplifying painful sensations. 

Medical researchers have mentioned no cure for this, but medicines play a role in reducing the symptoms. Self-care is another technique for recovery and temporary relief. The effect on brain chemicals to ease painful musculoskeletal conditions helps treat fibromyalgia. 

Flexeril v.s Zanaflex is weighed and taken according to the requirement. Cyclobenzaprine is one such drug that does the trick. The physician or an expert is knowledgeable and provides details about what steps to follow when on medication. 

The side effects may vary depending on the medicine used and one should know the risks and the benefits of a drug. Research shows that the cause of increased pain sensitivity or the persistence of pain is the use of opioid narcotics. 

Both Zanaflex and flexeril are commonly presented as off-label medicines and not approved  by the FDA. Fibromyalgia has a severe negative impact on the quality of life and makes patients dependent on medications and self-care for better quality. 

The effects of norepinephrine- a substance in the brain and spinal cord that reduces pain is elevated by the use of flexeril for this disorder. Zanaflex attaches to a protein called the alpha-2 receptor. The substance P release is reduced in the brain and spinal cord


The pharmacy provides a Zanaflex discount and a Flexeril coupon for the patients who require them. 

Flexeril V.s Zanaflex is discussed with experts on a grand scale. The distributors and suppliers are aware of a particular drug’s benefits and cures. 


The retail cost is determined after careful consideration of several factors. A consensus is reached, and the fulfilling result is shared. The doctors who write down the prescriptions are well aware of the complications that come with the intake of medicine. 


One is aware of what to expect from the intake of a specific pill. It is better than the alternative of not being informed and suffering the consequences at a later date. 


Muscle relaxants used to undergo a proper vetting process before being deemed for use. Buy generic soma follows a similar process to the online purchase of Zanaflex and flexeril. 


A reliable website is vital for guaranteed quality of life for patients and caregivers. The role of caregivers is discussed in depth in upcoming blogs and should not be side-stepped. They furnish new information and are always on the lookout for more reliable and safe treatment plans. 


As time progresses, newer inventions and discoveries come to the forefront and make a compelling point about going down all treatment paths before giving up.