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Methocarbamol for Anxiety : A great stress buster or not 

Methocarbamol For Treat Anxiety
Methocarbamol for anxiety reddit: The important points
Anti anxiety drug
Does Robaxin work for anxiety?
Methocarbamol Dosage For Anxiety
Stress Disorder and the use of muscle relaxers
Trusted pharmacy prescriptions vs, Over the counter drugs

Tablets, pills, and injections of methocarbamol are offered under the trade names Robaxin and generic versions. For the best benefits, the medication is prescribed combined with rest, physical therapy, and exercise. Methocarbamol for anxiety may be used per doctor’s orders. 

It is also sold over the counter as a muscle relaxant. Methocarbamol inhibits the brain’s perception of pain signals from injuries, fractures, and tetanus.

Methocarbamol is used to treat non-specific involuntary muscular spasms. Compared to opioids, methocarbamol has lower sedative effects. Patients with either acute or persistent muscle pain can take the medication during the day. The oral medication offered in conjunction with acetaminophen or ibuprofen at a lower dose. The most frequent adverse effects include headache, sleepiness, and impaired vision.

Methocarbamol For Anxiety Reddit : The essential points

Methocarbamol is not a drug of abuse. It is a muscle relaxant and central nervous system (CNS) depressant used to treat pain, tension, and spasms in the muscles. Due to side effects like drowsiness and dizziness, which might seem like a drug “high,” it might be mistaken for a narcotic.

The short-term (acute) pain and stiffness brought on by an injury are treated with methocarbamol. It covers fractures, sprains, and strains.

It might be prescribed along with physical therapy or other types of treatment.

Tablets containing methocarbamol are available, both generic and brand-name (Robaxin). Only those with a prescription can get it.

Reddit is a portal where people come to share their experiences about any topic under the sun. It is like a cautionary tale for people dependent on methocarbamol or a combination of drugs that include Robaxin. 

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Methocarbamol Anti anxiety drug

You’ll do almost anything to find comfort when you’re overcome with pounding terror, petrified by fear, or worn out from yet another restless night spent fretting. Without a doubt, medicines may be helpful when anxiety is incapacitating. Are medications, however, always the best option?

The treatment of anxiety disorders involves use of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, including older varieties like benzodiazepines (usually prescribed for short-term usage) and more recent ones like SSRI antidepressants (often recommended as a long-term anxiety solution). These medications have certain substantial side effects and safety issues, but they can also offer momentary relief.

They are not a remedy either. 

After 4 to 6 months of consistent usage, benzodiazepines lose their therapeutic anti-anxiety impact, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Furthermore, a recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry concluded that the use of SSRIs in treating anxiety has been overstated and that, in certain situations, they are no more beneficial than a placebo.

Does Robaxin work for anxiety?

Robaxin and Soma are believed to have sedative and general CNS (central nervous system) depressant characteristics that make them effective. Additionally, meprobamate, thought to reduce anxiety and cause drowsiness, is produced when Soma is metabolized. It is unclear, nevertheless, how much meprobamate reduces muscle spasms. 

An inexpensive muscle relaxer called Methocarbamol is used to treat acute, non-chronic muscle pain and discomfort. Tetanus can also be treated with it at medical facilities. 

Diazepam (Valium), a cheap drug that effectively treats anxiety and muscle spasms, shouldn’t be used over an extended period. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with other mdications to treat seizures. 

Mood changes and feeling anxious could be potential side effects of ingesting Robaxin. One should be watchful if and when these symptoms occur, to figure out a solution for the occurrence. 

Methocarbamol Dosage For Anxiety

Valium (diazepam) and Robaxin (methocarbamol) are prescribed to treat various skeletal muscle disorders. The dosage schedule is discussed according to the disease. 

Robaxin is used to treat skeletal muscle disorders including pain or damage, with rest and physical therapy. Valium treats muscle spasms.

Additionally, anxiety, convulsions, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms are all treated with valium.

Valium and Robaxin are members of separate drug classes. Valium is a benzodiazepine, while Robaxin is a muscle relaxant.

Similar side effects of Valium and Robaxin include drowsiness, nausea, constipation, memory issues, loss of balance or coordination, blurred or double vision, dizziness, spinning sensation, and memory problems.

Some side effects of Robaxin distinct from Valium are: Stomach upset, vomiting, flushing (warmth, redness, or tingly feeling), headache, disorientation, eye redness, lightheadedness, sleep issues (insomnia), or stuffy nose. 

Valium and Robaxin may interact with alcohol or other drugs that cause drowsiness or impede breathing (sleeping pills, narcotics, prescription cough medicines, muscle relaxers, or medicines for anxiety, depression, or seizures). 

Stress Disorder and the use of muscle relaxers

Muscle relaxants are best indicated for acute pain. If pain is keeping you from obtaining adequate sleep, they might be an alternative. When used at night, muscle relaxants can aid in sleep because they make you drowsy.

An elevated stress load or decreased capacity for adaptation that depletes people’s reserves and makes them more susceptible to health issues is referred to as a stress disorder. 

The disorders listed above may be the primary cause of dysfunction or may arise as a result of the stress caused by the dysfunction in cases of stress-related illness.

There is a similarity between the side effects of muscle relaxers and stress disorders. The side effects that affect mental health include anxiety, insomnia, and mood changes. It is shared by both these drug classes. 

Trusted pharmacy prescriptions vs. Over the counter drugs

OTC or nonprescription medications are other names for over-the-counter drugs. These phrases all refer to medications that are available over the counter. They are safe and effective when used appropriately, and as indicated. 


A few over-the-counter medications provide pain and itch relief. Others assist in managing chronic issues that include allergies and migraines.


The Food and Drug Administration in the US determines if a drug is secure and efficient enough to sell without a prescription. You are now able to participate more actively in your healthcare.


One should use caution to prevent errors. Make careful to adhere to the directions on the medication package. Ask your pharmacist or medical professional if you have questions or if you don’t comprehend the directions.


Patients who use online pharmacy services can place prescription orders without visiting the drugstore. Since the COVID-19 epidemic, there has been a dramatic rise in the availability of online healthcare services since it allows more people to stay at home and avoid contact with sick people.


According to Mitchell Fong, director of telehealth at Renown Health, “online pharmacies give patients the convenience of accessing professional pharmacists to ensure they are managing the drugs properly and on time.” Delivery choices may simplify the procedure more than ever before.


One of the factors to take into account when choosing an online pharmacy is making sure that it employs a licensed pharmacist who is ready to answer queries. 


One should be aware of what medicines require a prescription and which ones do not require. Purchasing an anti-anxiety medication, for example, would require a prescription. 


One should be confident enough to order medicines online and from a trusted pharmacy. It helps if one knows backup. It includes the price of the medication and how it helps tackle the illness. 


Physicians and pharmacists agree that pointed and directed training is necessary before pharmacists may handle more direct patient care duties. Over half of pharmacist respondents (53.3%) agreed or strongly agreed that their training and education were sufficient to manage patients.


Short-term musculoskeletal pain is made better by or treated by a muscle relaxant. The effectiveness of the muscle relaxant is realized maybe after a stipulated time. The physician, after careful assessment and need, prescribes Methocarbamol anxiety.